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REPLICA CHANEL was formerly a replica Chanel store which offered for sale replicas of handbags, watches, wallets, sunglasses and scarves. The online store has been since closed down for selling counterfeit products by Order of a United States District Court

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Not only is it illegal to produce and sell replicas, it is illegal to mail, transport, export or import counterfeit items. It is illegal to move any counterfeit goods into the country as well. This includes replica bags entering the border via postal services, passenger baggage, express delivery, wholesale shipments, and commercial cargo.

If ordering online, all products identified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers as counterfeit are stopped at the border and are not delivered. The merchandise and the money paid for the replica bag may never be recovered.

Networks of replica trafficking rings are known to be determined to get their hands on as much money as possible from selling knockoff handbags. Many replica sellers make a grab at even more money by evading taxes and tariffs. Typically, they are all about the accumulation of money, money slated to fund further crimes.

Where Does The Money Go?

As taxpayers, we are required to pay all costs for the administration of the protection, prevention, enforcement, and prosecution of replica bag dealers violating laws and regulations. Legal enforcement of intellectual property and counterfeiting laws alone require huge budgets associated with courts, judicial enactments, federal agencies, customs control, border protection, postal services, state police, local police and prison systems.

Moreover, all facets of world governments to neighborhood communities may be quite affected by the replica trafficking trade. The high costs of giving chase to counterfeiting syndicates could greatly take away so much from the quality of life that we, as taxpayers, deserve. Tax dollars being diverted to cover the enforcement of these crimes could result in deferred infrastructure maintenance, diminished safety while traveling cross-country, or even closures of neighborhood swimming pools during the summer.

Every one of us has something to gain by being alerted to and sharing with others the many detrimental effects of buying replicas. It is best to avoid replica bags. We encourage everyone to spread the word.

Authentic CHANEL Bags

Staying with only the authentic is the best advice to take. Authentic CHANEL bags are found at the CHANEL boutiques, and at the official website of CHANEL,