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REPLICA CHANEL was formerly a replica Chanel store which offered for sale replicas of handbags, watches, wallets, sunglasses and scarves. The online store has been since closed down for selling counterfeit products by Order of a United States District Court

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For decades, CHANEL bag designs have a renowned history of finely crafted masterpieces. With our ever-present affinity for creativity and beauty, CHANEL handbags have enthralled us all these years.

Conversely, a replica will never come close to the magnificent qualities of a real CHANEL bag. Replicas are often very low in quality, which becomes apparent immediately by anyone who would take the time to look. The differences between a fake bag and a genuine are vast.


Replica bags are usually manufactured in relatively crude factories, using low-grade source materials and poor mass processing. To keep costs as low as possible, careless corner cutting methods with little or no quality control, is the norm. The final substandard products right out of the factory goes undetected, and shipped out without quality assurance. Gummy finishes, lackluster or loose stones, tarnished or spotted metals, rough edgings, clasps that slip, and off-centered embossing are commonly found in a replica Chanel bag. Some replicas even encounter additional marring from inadequate packing and shipping practices.

Make no mistake about it. Throwing money at a fake may bring much disappointment. Getting only the authentic is the only choice.

Authentic CHANEL Bags

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